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Video: School Treats Student Like Criminal Over Cell Phone. Slammed to the floor by 3 cops

Check out this video showing how a 70 pound girl was slammed to the floor by 3 cops because she had a cell phone in school. Time to cyberschool?



Creating Independent Thinkers or Worker Bees? You Have a Choice


Oct. 10, 2013 10:00am


John W. Whitehead is president of The Rutherford Institute and author of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State. Whitehead also drafted anti-drone legislation which is making its way through state and local legislatures.



National School Choice Week (Jan 26 – Feb 1, 2014)

Cross Country “Whistle Stop Tour” Supports Educational Choice

MIRAMAR BEACH, Fla – School choice supporters will embark on a cross-country, whistle-stop train and motor coach tour in January to galvanize public support for educational choice, the effort’s organizers announced today.

Planned by National School Choice Week, the tour will span 3,800 miles and feature special events in […]

Cyber School is Homeschool for Parents Who Don’t Want to Teach School Curriculum

Modern education and online learning

I have the utmost respect for parents who homeschool their children. I wish I had made that commitment many years ago when my children first became school aged. Unfortunately, I didn’t and I sent my kids to public school.  Elementary school went well and I really liked their kindergarten and first grade teachers.  I felt […]

Just a thought…

I think that most people feel that our schools are in decline. School society seems corrupt in so many ways. Everyday we seem to hear in the news about all sorts of abuse going on in school. We have bad teachers and students bullying our children. Students are having their civil rights and religious beliefs […]

Learning to Learn


Cyber and home schooling makes for a better education. Why do I say this? Children are so used to being spoon fed every bit of information in brick-and-mortar public school that they don’t have the faintest idea where to start when they have to gain knowledge for themselves. For example, my son was a straight […]

What About Friends?


When I tell people that my children cyber school from home they never ask me about the quality of the education or if my kids are excelling in their studies, they usually ask “What about friends?” This is the number one question I receive from people with regard to cyber/home schooling. I guess I shouldn’t […]

Schooling in the Free Market System

Please take your child’s schooling out of the hands of the government and put it into the hands of the free market system. Everyday, we see what happens when we give the government tyrannical control of our children. Look at the news from this week alone. We had a teacher tape a student’s mouth shut, […]

“Gun Free Zones” and Public Schools


This whole idea about public school being a “gun free zone” is irresponsible. Banning guns for law abiding citizens does not create a safer situation. It actually creates the exact opposite. How many more school shootings are we going to allow before something changes? Common sense would tell you that labeling an area “a […]

Media is Prejudiced About Cyber and Home School

Don’t let progressive blogs and news sites prejudice your view on cyber and home schooling. It seems that most of the negative opinion comes from liberal and progressive media outlets because it is in their best interest to denigrate school choice. These news sources have historically propagated the public school system because they have a […]